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Lower sash, box frame and sill before

Lower sash, box frame and sill before

Draught-proofing is one of the most efficient ways of reducing noise and cold air coming in through gaps in worn or ill-fitting windows. In the draught-proofing service, the upper and lower sashes are removed from the window and prepared by removing excess paint from the running surfaces. Weather-pile brushes are fitted into the top and meeting (middle) rails, as well as the staff bead on the box frame.

Restoration work

Angel Sash Windows carries out a range of restoration work on your existing sash windows, to make your original windows look like new.

Repair of existing joinery

Lower sash, box frame and sill after

Lower sash, box frame and sill after

If there is an area of decayed timber, it is not always necessary to have the whole box frame, sash or sill replaced. Instead we can splice in new timber (hardwood), treat and fill areas of decay using new filler technologies, and reinforce joints, all to extend the life of your original window.

Replacement of timber sills

When the timber sill on a box sash window has become decayed to the point where it has to be renewed, we will replace it with a new hardwood sill, which is finished with aluminium primer to preserve its life.

Sash cord replacement

Through age or dis-use, sash cords can become frayed or break, and the sash no longer functions properly. We replace with traditional cotton-waxed sash cord, and ensure that the sashes are correctly counter-balanced.

Please call or email for a survey to discuss your requirements and possible repair options.

Replacement of upper and lower sashes and box frame

Window Sill before

Window Sill before

If a timber sash is decayed to the point where it is not possible to repair it, it can be replaced with a new single or double-glazed sash. In fitting the new sash, it is planed on site in order to fit exactly to the existing box frame, which may be distorted due to movement of the building. We will also replace the sash cords, fit new staff and parting beads and ensure that the counter-balancing weights in the box frame are of the correct weight. At the same time, we can install draught-proofing.
We can also supply and fit a complete new box sash window that meets the current building and environmental regulations regarding double-glazed sashes.

We can also replace PVC and aluminium windows with original timber-framed sashes. 90% of PVC or aluminium windows were fitted within the existing wooden box frame, which means, when re-converting back, the box frame does not need to be replaced.

Window Sill after

Window Sill after

Replacement of window furniture

As part of the above services, or as a separate service, we can supply and fit all types of window furniture, either in chrome or brass. This includes D handles to the outside upper sash, lifters to the lower sash, Brighton-pattern or fitch catches and security stops.

Secondary double-glazing

As an alternative to fitting double-glazed sashes, you may want to consider getting secondary double-glazing, which Angel Sash Windows can supply and fit. This system is white aluminium with a painted hard wood sub frame, and can be fitted to existing sash or casement windows. It helps cut down on heat loss and condensation in the winter months, as well as reducing noise levels.

Painting service

We also provide a painting service. Please ask for details.

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